Colors, in their many shades and hues, are powerful – certain one can make you feel warm and happy while others inspire passion and even others bring about calmness. This blog is part one in a series to learn and explore how colors can be used to influence moods and even appetite! Flowers

However, as the weather grows warmer and flowers start to peek out of the soil, I find myself wanting to shake off the winter blues and concentrate on some of the warmest shades on the spectrum: yellows, oranges, and reds.


yellowThe same color as the sun, yellow is considered the happiest color on the spectrum. Yellow encourages communication and stimulates both memory and mental processes. Be warned, however, for all its fun and optimism, bright yellow is not a good color for a baby’s room as it can cause stress and tension for young children. Still, consider a soft buttery yellow in almost any other room to promote energy and creative thinking.

Orange Color Orange

Orange usually causes a strong reaction from the viewer, either negative or positive. Designers are often split on whether or not to use it. Yet it should be noted that orange can radiate warmth as well as encourage socialization. Apricot and peach tones work best for living rooms, bedrooms, and formal dining rooms.


Color REdHave you ever noticed how so many restaurants are red? Red increases a person’s appetite and energy. With more personal associations than any other color, it can provide a sense of protection from fears and anxiety even as it encourages confidence. Red is often a favored color in homes, and makes for an excellent choice in a dining room, bedroom, den, or study.


Pink-bathroomOne interesting fact about pink is that pastries and sweets taste better when served from pink boxes or plates, as the color makes us crave sugar. Pink can also soothe erratic behavior as it has the same high energy as red with none of the aggression. Oftentimes, pink is associated with romance and youth, although dusty rose and similar shades add an air of sophistication to any room. Pink works spectacularly in bedrooms and powder rooms in particular.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog where we’ll discuss some of the cooler shades on the spectrum – greens, blues, and purples! Until then, what is your favorite color to use when decorating and why?