It’s all in the details. This is more than just a saying at KH Window Fashions, Inc., it’s our practice. When you’re designing for your home, everyone’s drapery design style is different, and it is those little details that set every home apart.

Virtual Design is my favorite way to explore every decor option in a room. With Virtual Design, I take a real picture of the space and create a virtual draft of the window treatments. This gives me the opportunity to picture the outcome and share it with my clients before even ordering the fabric.

Even with a set of classic drapes, there are multiple design style options. Check out some different styles below. Which one is your favorite? What is your design style?


pillars, two windows, gold walls, gold faux painted walls, white molding, white crown molding, wooden floors

When deciding a design style, always start with an open canvas. These bare windows are the perfect clean slate to build on in Virtual Design. Drapes are especially hard to visualize, and with so many styles to choose from, it’s difficult to know which ones are best suited for a space. Using this original picture, I’ve created several curtain examples to study before choosing the final style.

blue fabric, red fabric, geometric fabric, inverted pleat drapes, blackout drapes, living room decor

Color can have a significant impact on the feeling of a room. Check out our psychology of color series to find out the effect of warm, cool, and neutral tones on a space.

wide drapes, skiinny curtains, narrow curtains, red and white fabric

I like to extend the panels beyond the window. It tends to enlarge both the window and the room, but most importantly it invites more light into the space. Look at the drapes on the left. Can you see how they make the window look larger?

Inverted pleat drapes, curtains, drapes, drapery, red and white curtains, asymmetrical drapes, window treatments, decorative rods and rings, original design, interior design, home decor Asymmetrical drapes, pinch pleated drapes, blackout drapes, two windows, living room, gold walls, white columns





Asymmetrical drapes, as pictured above, instantly draw your eyes to the space in the middle of the windows. This style creates a perfect focus spot for a prized piece of artwork that feels natural and inviting.
And if you’re searching for a soft, sleek, couture look, consider drapes without a standard rod, like the ones pictured on the right.
color block curtains, drapes, wrought iron hardware, windows, pillar, columns
Color block drapes are a unique way to emphasize a specific color and break up the texture of the main fabric. Whether you choose to position your color block in the middle of the panels or along the bottom, notice how the horizontal lines of the blocking match perfectly with preexisting on the window pans and windowsill. Color blocking should never interrupt the flow of a window, only enhance it.
red and white drapes, inverted pleated curtains, curtains, weston home, drapes with banding, curtains with trim, blackout drapes, decorative hardware, black wrought iron rods, double windows, gold walls, faux painted walls, living room
Banding is an increasingly popular way to add a little flair to classic window treatments and upholstery. You can learn more about banding here.
Roman shades, roman shades with banding, roman shades with trim, red roman shades, red and white drapes, wrought iron rods, finials, pillars

Relaxed Roman or Flat-Fold Roman? That is the question. The Relaxed Roman on the left adds a gentle curve to the treatment, automatically creating a softer look for any room, but the Flat-Fold Roman on the right, with its straight line and banded edge, offers a streamlined and classic look that fits in almost any household.

Did you have a favorite drapery design style? If you are ready to decorate you next room, I am here to help. Check out some more drapery styles here on my website or visit my Pinterest Page for more inspiration.